Project Name : TioOso Return Reporting System (Banking Product Reporting)
Client : Norway
Technologies : ASP.NET 3.5 with C# , SQL SERVER 2008 R2
Synopsis : Tiooso Return Reporting System is a reporting system of banking products. In this system , there is daily basis automatically running file reading routine from the FTP , This files are , Sales detail , meeting plan with customers .and in this system person can see the report of sales, meeting plan and customers survey according to their period selection.

Project Name : 4gSchools(
Client :
Technologies : ASP.NET 3.5 with C#
Synopsis : 4gSchools is a School ERP which provides the complete solution of a school. In this project sms notification sending to parent 4G Schools makes taking attendance simple, and fast. And with the click of a button, attendance is submitted to the school office in real time. 4G Schools gives you the option of allowing students to turn in assignments online. Great for classes that meet on a non-regular basis.

Project Name : Simply Dispatch
Client : Galvao group inc.
URL : Technologies : ASP.NET with C# , SQL SERVER 2008 R2
Synopsis : Simply Dispatch is a comprehensive courier operations solution designed exclusively for the courier, delivery, and expediting industries. Using the Courier Complete 3.0 solution, you can efficiently manage your front-office, in-field, and backend business processes. This system provide you solution to find out the current status of your product. And also can update the status. Simply Dispatch is a complete ERP of courier system.

Project Name : Training Management System
Client : Arabian ( )
Objective : The main objective of training management system is to Provide Information to the user regarding training events planed by organization. Description : In Training Management system Administrator add training events with training estimated cost for different-2 categories. User can Register themselves for training events. And In this application finnaly we generate finicial report per training event . and find out the cost of each training event. Technology : ASP.NET with C#, Sql Server 2008